Septic Do’s and Don’ts

You can take all of the hassle out of your septic system by following the below do’s and don’ts and arranging for regular maintenance of your septic system.

Do not …

  • Over load the system. Keep water consumption to a minimum – it is better to do two loads each day then to do 8 loads in one day.
  • Allow excess amounts of grease or fat to enter the system – it can congeal and cause obstructions
  • Allow the discharge from any water treatment to enter the system
  • Flush down inorganic material i.e. rubber products, plastics, sanitary napkins
  • Use large amounts of laundry soaps, detergents, bleach, drain cleaners. Note – recommended quantities should not adversely affect the system.

Do …

  • Educate your family to proper use of the system
  • Check for and repair faucet leaks
  • Setup and adhere to a sound system of inspection and cleaning
  • Simplify inspection and cleaning by installing a riser just below ground level if the tank is more then a foot below the ground. It is code in Nova Scotia to install risers over the access cover if the tank is deeper then 12″ below ground level.
  • Do inspect outlet baffles because they are important as they stop the solids from entering the leach fields.
  • Keep accurate records about locating and cleaning of system in the permanent house file so this information can be passed on to the next owner.
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