Dewatering is an Eco-friendly and cost efficient solution for your water separation needs. Using advanced geo-textile technology, Bio-Liquid Waste Disposal’s dewatering services are faster, cheaper and more efficient than traditional belt press dewatering.

Weather you’re looking to remove contaminated solids, sediment or other solids from a body of water; geotextile dewatering can work for you. The process is simple and allows over 99 per cent of solids to be retained within the geotextile bag. The result: clear water – in some cases, so clean that it doesn’t require any additional treatment before it can be reused or returned to its original waterway!

Bio-Liquid Waste Disposal’s dewatering services are mobile and can easily come to you. We offer geotextile bags in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Dewatering is an affordable, simple and effective solution for many issues you can be facing.

These include:

  • Environmental remediation
  • Emergency situations (floods, spills)
  • Lagoon clear out (industrial, farming)
  • Waste water treatment
  • Water recirculation

How does it work?

1. PUMPING: The sludge or dredged substance is pumped into an empty geotextile bag and is blended with polymer. These polymers help to group the solids together while allowing the water to separate.

2. DEWATERING: As the polymer binds the solids together, clear water escapes from the geotextile bag. Over 99% of the solids remain in the bag Producing water that can often be reused without additional treatment.

3. SOLIDIFYING: Once all pumping and dewatering has finished, the solids remain in the bag and can continue to condense. Soon they can easily be removed to a landfill, distributed on site, or in come cases land-applied.

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